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Benefit Gala 2001
(Translation done by Altavista Babel Fish translations)
Phantom does properly
by Stefan Mielchen
(2,5,01 - sm) 
Phantom of the Opera leaves Hamburg and does properly: With a Benefit Concert the ensemble thanked you for 11 the years in the Neue Flora and inspired the spectators.
"at passion it is missing this evening on the stage completely certainly not", promised  moderator Markus Tirok - and it should keep quite. The passion was passed with the  Benefit Hamburg phantom ensembles however also to over 1.000 the guests: Standing  Ovation at the end and a check over 48.000 Marks were the result of the evening. Ensemble thanks for 11 year hospitality
For 11 years "Phantom of the Opera" belongs to the firm component of the musical life in Hamburg. But in June the last curtain falls in the Neue Flora: Phantom leaves the Hanseatic city, at its play place starting from September "Mozart" is given.
The ensemble wanted to thank you for 11 the years with a Benefit concert, whose proceeds flow to the Hospice of Hamburg beacon and that in equal parts Hamburg  child cancer centers.
More long the ensemble a highlight of musical history called than two hours after the other  one into the memory: Songs from Rent, Evita, Cats, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon or the West Side Story alternated with airs from Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly or Mozart's Marriage of the Figaros. The program was supplemented by the appearances the ballet.
"Hospice is really intended in Hamburg"
The beacon Hospice makes the possibility possible for HIV positives and other seriously ill people of experiencing their last life phase willful. The house of the deceased is however no sad place, underlined Hospice chief Karin Kliche  "we celebrate there celebrations, as we celebrate otherwise also completely normal celebrations, only evenly within our small,  protected framework."
Press speaker Josef Reppenhorst particularly impressed the commitment of the team - from the technician to the leading actor the entire Phantom Ensemble had inserted auxiliary layers and without Gage had worked. "a marvelous gift is to have been seen, like many humans have been participated to arrange this evening", so to Reppenhorst.
The donation joy of the guests shows, "that this Hospiz in Hamburg is also really intended." Map sales and tombola had furnished a sum of 48.000 Marks, which divide Hamburg  beacon with the child cancer center.
"beautiful, if the each year could take place"
The check delivery was, the music the other one - star of the evening the Phantom leading actors were Colby Thomas and Ian Jon Bourg, which particularly with "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" from Evita as well as the Song "as I can do her loved" from "the beautiful one  and caused the beast" rejoicing.
Tendency-fully the final turned out, to which the entire ensemble was united again on the stage: In a sea from candles and boiling that soil nebulas sange it "once" from the "Hunchback of Notre Dame", before frenetischer applause rang out.
If it went to the public, moderator Markus Tirok with its suggestion open doors might in-run:  "it would be beautiful, if such an evening in Hamburg could take place each year."
The fans of the musical would not only thank it.