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German Reviews
October 13, 1999
New Phantom on the Alster
City Whisper
And again a new "Phantom of the Opera": Ian Jon Bourg is number 6. Local date with the general sample yesterday noon: To the new Flora he came with his small electrical scooter angeduest.  He brought it from his home, Hawaii.  He also brought an inflatable kayak.  "I need the water like I need air for breathing.  Fortunetly gibt's here", he says the Alster.  The main role in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musicial is not new ground for Bourg.  He played the role during three USA tours. This evening his Phantom premiere is in Hamburg.  Privately the opera star has by the way another musical passion: "I love jazz music."
This translation was done by Altavista Translation, Donald Becker, and Sparky.

German Version

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English Version
Women-crush' Ian Jon Bourg: From Hawaii to Ottensen
Behind the Phantom's mask hides this handsome man
by Stephanie Beutler
BILD Magazine
October 18, 1999
A little excited he had been. The deep, normally so sure voice trembled a little,  shortly before he entered the stage of the Neue Flora. Ian Jon Bourg is the new‚ 'Phantom of the Opera'. And after two and a half hours of magnificient goose-pimples-music came thundering applause on the Premiere.
So the Hawaiian is the sixth Phantom in Hamburg. He switches shows with Michael Nicholson. His predecessors had been Old-Firehand Peter Hofmann and Mozartprice-winner Thomas Schulze. And for us the 1,90 (metres) -man took off his mask.
Appearing were dark bright-eyes, densly, black hair and a charming smile. Is this handsome already taken? "Yes. I brought my girlfriend Heather with me." Where do you live? "Still provisional. But soon we will move into a nice flat in Ottensen." What are you doing on a day off? "Nothing! Simply rest. The hectic rehearsals and the Premiere had been quite strenous. And when I am rested we maybe go for a little walk on the Elbe..."
Below picture one: Ian Jon Bourg as known by the audience: the distorted face hidden by a half-mask.
Below picture two: Without mask: an attractive man with dark eyes, densly
hair and pleasant smile-dimples.
Translation and article from Christiane Warnecke - Germany

This is something we recieved from Ian.  We have not had it translated. It came out about the same time as the above articles.
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